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terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2012

Lindsey Williams - Secrets Of The Elite Video - [3 DVD Set]

These are the videos (not just the audio) of the 3 DVDs from Lindsey Williams titled, The Secrets of The Elite. They were originally released in March 2012 and are 3 Hours and 25 minutes long. They contain the following:

Secrets never told before.
How the Elite make and preserve wealth.
Derivatives - Prelude to disaster.
Insider trading that creates Super-Wealth.
Americans Financially Betrayed by Congress.
Gold and Silver wealth preservation.
The Paper currency deception.
You can survive the New World Order.
Decisions that will help you Sleep Well at Night.
Live to a ripe old age: How and where to get it.
Health Solutions.

Note: This material was only allowed to be released to the Internet starting June 1, 2012 per Lindsey Williams. Constructive comments to the video which do not contain profanity are generally approved.

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